As roadways continue to fill up more pedestrians are donning their cyclist’s bells and flashing lights to hit the bike lane and avoid congested traffic. While there are efforts are noble many of these cyclists are not properly educated about proper road procedures that apply to them. Adequate instruction must be given if we are to fully utilize bike lanes to their highest potential. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has conducted studies to analyze the figures of bicycle accidents and their affected demographics in the United States. If cyclists are beginning to take to the streets in larger numbers than ever before we will have to adapt to their presence and respect their place on the road.

Bicyclists are the only truly eco-friendly travelers and for that fact alone they deserve a safe space amongst traffic lanes. While our cities have become riddled with large amounts of cars, large trucks, and other equipment that throws off awful emissions to our fragile atmosphere it is important that bicycling becomes more common so that we can decrease our emissions rate. This will involve renovation of sidewalks, an extension of unsafe bike lanes, and large scale educational efforts. As the number of people on bikes goes up so we are seeing an increase in the amount of bicycle and auto collision related deaths. In the recent year 2015, figures for these deaths had increased 12.2% from the previous year according to the NHTSA. Any bicycle related death is a wrongful injury scenario and warrants the look of a Chicago wrongful death attorney because in nearly all cases they could have been avoided had the driver or biker been more alert and better trained for what to do in situations like this. It is time for action and innovation to take place in efforts of saving the lives of pedestrians everywhere. The NHTSA also estimated that in that same year there were roughly 45,000 bicycle-related injuries and death. This is costing nearly four billion dollars in medical costs and reparations every year. We can not continue to waste resources in this manner. Instead, it would be sensible to allocate these funds for proper education and other forms of prevention.

In our cities of today, due to the over population growth and high costs associated with owning a car, biking is continuing to gain popularity. Inexperienced riders pose a threat to other cyclists, cars, and most importantly themselves. In the studies mentioned above, 88% of the people killed were males, who were mostly younger than twenty-five years old. Fortunately, it seems that even with the possibility of being hit by cars biking is still safer, statistically, than driving and other forms of transportation.