Technology has helped in making sure the roads are safer for everyone. There are many technological equipment that have made vehicles faster and safer, and also helps in evaluating and measuring driving behaviors that can lead to lower rates of road accidents. One of the many helpful equipment being used in vehicles, especially by commercial truck drivers, is dashboard cameras, or dash cams. They are often called Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) or In-Car Cameras. And are little video cameras that are installed inside the vehicle that would continuously record both the audio and video.

Most dash cams works pretty much the same way: they automatically turn on and start recording once the engine is started. Along with the video, the speed, and the route will all be stored on a micro disc or memory card that can easily be ejected from the dash cam and plugged into a computer. There are also dash cams that have shock sensor features that would automatically record video in an event of a shock from an accident.

Dash cams are vital in commercial trucking, because aside from recording speed and route through GPS, they can be used as evidence in a commercial truck accident. Truck accidents often lead to serious injuries and significant property damage, and finding out who is at fault for the accident would determine who will be liable for compensation. In the court of law, dash cam recordings would help establish the cause of the accident. This is important in a personal injury lawsuit after a truck accident, as it says on the website of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ®. Claimants must present evidence in order to have a positive outcome from the case. It will report to authorities who were negligent or reckless in their driving that eventually lead to the accident. Likewise, dash cams help prevent vehicle abuse and misuse, and will greatly contribute to vehicle logistics and fleet maintenance. They will report poor driving decisions and skills and dangerous activities that could be detrimental to the trucking business. A good way to help keep a trucking business in the money, however, is by using a factoring service. TBS Factoring says that a factoring service can help a trucking company get its payments in on time, when they are needed.

Because of the different laws each state has on car accident, safety driving, and personal injury laws, it helps to have dash cams as proof of responsible driving. It helps keep the roads safe and protect motorists from criminal liability. Investing in dash cams would not only help in keeping you safe from accidents, but also provide necessary information in an event of an accident.