Avoid a Potentially Life-Altering Dog Bite With These Quick Tips

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As a lover of dogs, I write this out of concern for the safety of both our animals and our neighbors. When our pet is in a vulnerable state or has been exposed to abuse in the past, it is possible they will become aggressive and potentially dangerous to others. As a strong believer in rescuing strays when possible, I have come in contact with a good number of dogs that have an unknown past. One of my favorite pets of all time has some questionable scars and a mean temper when I take her into the city around other people. I am not sure what has happened to her, but it is evident that someone has mistreated her resulting in a fear that transforms into pure aggression. With me, she is sweet, cuddly, and always smiling with her ears back; however, with my 10-year old nephew, she is defensive and ready to attack. It is a sad situation to know she has a sensitive side but can’t let down her walls with strangers because of what’s been done to her.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, approximately 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs in the U.S. every year. Despite our long 12,000 year history living side by side with these loyal creatures, we still experience a backlash when we least expect it if the dog feels threatened. That feeling of insecurity can result in minor to severe injuries to the victim. It is important to be self-aware around dogs you don’t know. Here are three ways to prevent dog bites:

  1. Remain at least 5 feet away from dogs you aren’t familiar with.
    1. Keeping a safe distance is always practical rationale when you are in the vicinity of an unfamiliar dog. This will allow the dog the space it needs to feel safe and calm.
  2. Allow the dog to smell you before getting too close to build trust.
    1. If the dog’s owner permits you to approach the animal, then allow the dog to smell your hand before beginning to pet. Often times, dog owners are aware of how their pet will react to a new person and can heed the warning to avoid a preventable accident.
  3. Move slow – quick movements will spook animals of all kinds, including us humans!
    1. If the dog is comfortable with your approach, move slowly and avoid sudden movements. As it is with most animals, slow approaches are necessary to avoid unnecessarily surprising them.

What happens when it’s too late, and you’ve already suffered an injury from a dog bite? Well, hopefully, you are ok and not in much pain; but, if the incident was serious enough to file a claim against the owner, then you may want to consider hiring a personal injury attorney to help you out. You have plenty of options out there, but be sure to do your research and find one with a proven track record in winning these types of cases. If you feel your current attorney isn’t doing the job, consider swapping lawyers and finding one that can get you the compensation you deserve.

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New Piece: I’m trying out drama

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“We live on the rough side of town. Everyone knows that when we heard loud music or sirens, we are supposed to duck for cover and stay there for at least five minutes after the noise has stopped. Last week, however, I could not help myself from standing up the moment immediately after I heard the guns stop.

“The police must have been conducting a raid one of our neighboring half dozen or so alleged drug houses, where people make and distribute drugs. Part of the reason that the cops seemingly never when the war on drugs is that they always try and conduct these raids loud and fast, with an emphasis on the former, which gives these alleged criminals enough time to either run away or flush enough drugs down the toilet, which downgrades any possible charges to a misdemeanor, instead of a felony, which leads to hard time.

“Anyway, the police arrive, and the scene quickly turns into cops versus alleged cons gun fight style shoot ‘em up situation. Bullets are flying everywhere.

“Unfortunately, this was the day, a Friday, that my family was all arriving for my new little brother’s baptism weekend.

“When the shooting began, everyone ducked for cover. However, not everyone was so lucky. In the end, all of the alleged criminals were gunned down, two cops died, and I lost my mother and my new baby brother. My mom had been holding my brother. It wasn’t that she didn’t get behind or under something fast enough. It was that a bullet, which would later be revealed to have been fired by an officer of the law, ricocheted off the wall, went through my brother, and into her.

“In the days since, I’ve been told that I should take comfort in the fact that my mother and brother were apparently dead before their bodies even hit the ground. Whether they are just telling me this to make me feel better or if it is actually the truth remains unclear. However, I just know that my mother and brother are gone forever. And, I have no idea how my dad and I are going to pick up the pieces without them.

“The police officer, who swears to not have shot my mother and brother, but whose gun matches the bullet that killed them has been placed on administrative leave. He probably won’t be fired because he didn’t mean to do it. But, I would still like for him to get fired because it would make me feel better.

“Several lawyers have reached out to my family hoping that we will want to sue the city for what they have taken away from us, which we are planning to do after the funeral arrangements have been made.”

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Accidents That Result in Long Term Disabilities

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If you are unable to work, it can be financially stressful for you and your loved ones. Many employers offer long-term disability (LTD) insurance to employees, or you might have your own private LTD insurance. If your disability prevents you from working, it is recommended to have this insurance.

There are numerous conditions that can qualify for long-term disability coverage. Typically, a disability is associated with an accident or a workplace injury. However, most long-term physical disabilities are associated with illnesses like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, back pain, and obesity. Other conditions causing long-term disability can be fibromyalgia, other chronic pain conditions, lung disease, multiple sclerosis, lupus, autoimmune disorders, neurological disorders, hearing loss and deafness, and vision loss and blindness. A second leading cause of long-term disability claims can be related to mental disorders, such as depression, anxiety, and panic disorders.

The number of American workers claiming long-term disability is continuing to increase. It is estimated that an illness or accident can keep 1 in 5 workers out of work for at least a year before the age of 65. Even though long-term disabilities are mostly associated with illnesses as stated above, there are many long-term disabilities, such as head injuries, that are associated with traffic accidents, falls, sports and assaults. Additionally, auto accidents and those accidents in industrial environments can also result in severe limb injury and subsequent long-term disability. However, studies have shown accidents involving a motorcyclist have a greater risk for long-term disability than the average driver involved in an automobile accident.

Also, whiplash is another injury that can cause some long-term disability. It is the name for neck sprains received by an individual to the cervical, thoracic or lumbar spines, and is associated with vehicle accidents when the vehicle has been hit from the rear. These whiplash injuries can often cause pain to the victim for up to one year or longer.

There are numerous other injury-related impairments that can result in long-term disability. They include physical and/or cognitive limitations due to neuro-trauma, psychological trauma, paralysis due to spinal cord trauma, partial or complete amputation of limbs, sensory disability such as blindness and deafness, and physical limb deformation resulting in mobility impairments.

A long-term disability can be severe and can have a major effect on a person – physically, emotionally, and economically. For example, auto accidents can cause a wide range of injuries, each with their own degree of severity. Such injuries such as traumatic brain injury, amputations, and spinal cord injuries can cause long-term disability and inability to work. If an auto or motorcycle accident results in you having to file a claim against another party, it is best to seek legal advice.

It makes sense to have some form of long-term disability in place if you ever need it. If you have an injury that you consider to be a long-term disability, it is best to seek legal advice or contact a disability attorney that can process paperwork for you and advocate for your case.

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Ding! Ding!

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As roadways continue to fill up more pedestrians are donning their cyclist’s bells and flashing lights to hit the bike lane and avoid congested traffic. While there are efforts are noble many of these cyclists are not properly educated about proper road procedures that apply to them. Adequate instruction must be given if we are to fully utilize bike lanes to their highest potential. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has conducted studies to analyze the figures of bicycle accidents and their affected demographics in the United States. If cyclists are beginning to take to the streets in larger numbers than ever before we will have to adapt to their presence and respect their place on the road.

Bicyclists are the only truly eco-friendly travelers and for that fact alone they deserve a safe space amongst traffic lanes. While our cities have become riddled with large amounts of cars, large trucks, and other equipment that throws off awful emissions to our fragile atmosphere it is important that bicycling becomes more common so that we can decrease our emissions rate. This will involve renovation of sidewalks, an extension of unsafe bike lanes, and large scale educational efforts. As the number of people on bikes goes up so we are seeing an increase in the amount of bicycle and auto collision related deaths. In the recent year 2015, figures for these deaths had increased 12.2% from the previous year according to the NHTSA. Any bicycle related death is a wrongful injury scenario and warrants the look of a Chicago wrongful death attorney because in nearly all cases they could have been avoided had the driver or biker been more alert and better trained for what to do in situations like this. It is time for action and innovation to take place in efforts of saving the lives of pedestrians everywhere. The NHTSA also estimated that in that same year there were roughly 45,000 bicycle-related injuries and death. This is costing nearly four billion dollars in medical costs and reparations every year. We can not continue to waste resources in this manner. Instead, it would be sensible to allocate these funds for proper education and other forms of prevention.

In our cities of today, due to the over population growth and high costs associated with owning a car, biking is continuing to gain popularity. Inexperienced riders pose a threat to other cyclists, cars, and most importantly themselves. In the studies mentioned above, 88% of the people killed were males, who were mostly younger than twenty-five years old. Fortunately, it seems that even with the possibility of being hit by cars biking is still safer, statistically, than driving and other forms of transportation.

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Pediatric Dentistry

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Children fear dentists! That’s a fact. But how can you blame them, when even some adults are afraid of dentists too. While some types of fear are inborn, such as fear of loud noises or fear of unknown instruments, such as a like a drill or a suction device, which are used to during treatment, other types of fear are either objective or subjective.

Objective fear is created through one’s own personal experience; thus, a first painful tooth extraction will most likely result to fear of another visit to the dentist for a second extraction treatment. On the other hand, subjective fear is due to children telling of their unpleasant dental experience to their friends. Sometimes, though, fear of dentist is due to parents taking their child to their own dentist appointment and then complaining to their child just how painful their treatment was.

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD), the American Dental Association (ADA), and pediatric dentists and hygienists explain the positive effects of taking a child to the dentist even before his or her first birthday: this will help promote healthy gums and teeth from his or her childhood years to his or her teenage years.

Now that this is known, the next important thing is find out to what dental clinic to take your child. This is because though dentists are capable of providing their patients whatever dental service they may require, not all, however, are specially trained to treat children effectively and efficiently.

Getting your children started with dental treatment early on is essential for preventing more serious oral health problems in their future. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that you take your child to their first check-up with a dentist as soon as their first tooth appears, and no later than their first birthday. Getting your kids on the path to good oral health early has shown to reduce their risk of developing tooth decay and oral diseases. The dental needs of children change dramatically as they get older, so regular visits with their pediatric dentist is highly recommended.

Besides this, it is recommended that pediatric dental care include:

  • Choosing the best toothbrush for you kids;
  • Providing recommendations for tooth sealants as your child gets older; and,
  • Recommending the best type of toothpaste based on your child’s needs.



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Most Dangerous Driving Habits

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Traffic accidents may inflict force strong enough to seriously injure or kill you, so it is important to always be diligent in driving and be mindful of the surroundings. But there are other drivers who do reckless behaviors. This is especially true for those who are experienced, because they are too complacent that nothing bad is going to occur despite their dangerous actions.

But according to the website of the Amerio Law Firm, those who have been injured in an auto accident due to someone else’s negligence may have legal options that they can pursue. This proves that the law and its professionals are not very friendly towards dangerous driving habits.

Driving under the influence
There are certain products that can physically and mentally impair you, putting you at risk of crashing your car. The most prominent examples of these products are alcohol and drugs. If you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you have limited bodily functions, which will then limit your driving capabilities and safety.

Distracted driving
Getting distracted is a common sin among drivers, experienced and inexperienced alike. They browse their mobile phones, adjust the radio, and get too engaged in conversation with passengers. Anything that puts your eyes off the road and your hands off the steering wheel is considered a distraction.

Drivers speed because they want to save time or because they enjoy the recklessness of speeding itself. If a driver is speeding, he is giving himself less time to react to abrupt turns, turning vehicles, and crossing pedestrians, not to mention that the impact of an accident can become greater because of speed.

Not considering weather conditions
External factors, such as the weather, can also compromise road safety. For example, water, snow, and ice on the road can influence the tire’s traction to the pavement. Fog, wind, and other weather phenomena can affect the visibility of the surroundings. The key is to drive in a way that will minimize the dangers of these weather conditions.

Not yielding to others
Right of way is absolute, and if you fail to yield to a vehicle or a pedestrian that has the right of way, you are more likely to be the one determined to be at fault. To avoid accidents involving right of way, be wary of stop signs, traffic lights, crosswalks, merging lanes, and freeway ramps.

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Causes for Denial of Insurance Claims

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Having insurance can save you a lot of expenses. Whether it’s due to car accidents, hospitalization, and others, an insurance premium can save you from out-of-the-pocket expenses which could prove costly on your part. However, all of that could change with a denial of insurance claims. According to Abel Law Firm, it could be frustrating on your part if the financial assistance you are expecting will not arrive.
When this happens, you will find yourself looking for answers on why your insurance claim was denied. There could be several reasons behind it. In this article, we shall look at the common causes for the denial of insurance claims:

1. Material Misrepresentation

The most common cause for your insurance claim getting denied is failure to provide the most current address and other changes in your information. While this may seem irrelevant in so far as changing your policy rate, your lack of due diligence could result to payment of incorrect rates and you could also be committing a certain kind of fraud.

2. False and Fraudulent Claims

Insurance policies are designed to provide protection but other use it as a way to profit. Rejection of your insurance claim may have been due to falsified information in order to get something extra than what you should be getting. The worst part is that not only will your insurance claim be denied but you could also face serious legal implications. Also, you may become blacklisted and you may not be able to get a policy in the future.

3. Unlawful Acts

If your insurance claim is related to irresponsible acts such as drinking and driving, stunt driving, driving without a license, and other unlawful acts, it is likely that your insurance claim will be denied.

4. Your Claim Is Not Covered By The Provider

Depending on the claim, some insurance companies may not provide coverage for what is being claimed. For instance, some providers do not cover accidental death. So be sure to know your coverage before purchasing a policy.

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Guidelines in Choosing the Perfect Assisted Living Home

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Assisted living is where the elder is given the help of a staff in achieving their daily needs and activities. Those activities, as said on , may be as simple as eating or as complicated as bathing. Most families in the United States think of sending their elderly loved ones to assisted living facilities when they are no longer capable of helping them or when the elders are having difficulties in performing their everyday tasks. Before deciding on which senior residence to choose, it is important to learn more about the subject.

The elder and the family members should examine themselves and the situation, first and foremost, before proceeding with the next steps. Asking questions like what options are out there or whether the family can afford the desired assisted living setup are imperative in decision-making. Secondly, the three main issues that should be factored in the decision are the quality of life, the standard of provided care, and the cost and value of the services. It is good to make sure the Assisted Living home is a member of regional professional organizations that provide some oversight, such as the Nevada Health Care Asssociation.

Ensuring whether a certain retirement community would provide high-quality living relies on examining outcomes in terms of the elder’s personal growth (socialization, comfort, peace of mind, fulfillment, being able to belong, etc). If the family envision those things when a home is selected, it might be right choice for the elder. Of course, high-quality medical care should also top the list. Assisted living is not like a nursing home when it comes to medical issues, but this should also be a top factor in choosing a home. Examining whether the home provides services for medical emergency usually helps in this type of situation.

Nevertheless, all the services mentioned above should be balanced with the actual cost of the program. Families should learn whether they will get their money’s worth when they enter their loved ones into a home – no matter how big or small the amount is. Ultimately, the goal of assisted living is to make life convenient for the elderly, so that should always be the first priority in the final decision.

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